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Soft Skills Training Courses

Soft Skills Training Courses Duration: 5 – 1 day programs Section 18
01-SS-OTI Customer service
02-SS-OTI Communication
03-SS-OTI Stress management
04-SS-OTI Conflict and collaboration Thomas Kilmann Indicator
05-SS-OTI Myers Briggs Type Indicator level 1 & 2
06-SS-OTI Emotional Intelligence
07-SS-OTI Change management
08-SS-OTI Time management
09-SS-OTI Work ethics (22 week program)
10-SS-OTI Motivation
11-SS-OTI Followership
12-SS-OTI Functional Leadership
13-SS-OTI Team communications
14-SS-OTI Belbin team roles
15-SS-OTI Feedback
16-SS-OTI Social Styles
17-SS-OTI Team Communication
18-SS-OTI Stages of Team Development
19-SS-OTI Building Teams for Success

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